SPY sentiment dipped ever so slightly and still remains tipped to one side.  Looking at the chart we a potential double top, tsv is turning down as is money, I expect lower prices, but we have Fed Speak tomorrow which could re-ignite bullish feelings. If so thursday could be the day the rug gets pulled.  Wait and see, but be careful on your long positions at this point.

GTBP a recommendation from our radar watch went boom today closing up 16% on huge volume spike.  Now up abot 200% since the call.

Current overbought ETF’s

Took a starter in LABD based on RSI2 and weakness i suspected in biotechs.  Only 17 of 77 drug stocks i watch were up yesterday.

GDX hit our first target and may be able to squeeze a bit more up to the 200.  Raise stops

That’s it for now see you in the AM