I am new to trading and only have a small account to trade. How do I get started?

First, after reading everything,  I would recommend paper trading until you have several wins under your belt.  Focus on percent gains not dollar amounts. You need to always, no matter what your account size, limit your losses.  The trade examples I show have $100 loss limits. Buying less shares to limit your potential loss will still grow your account and give you more confidence as you go will protecting your balance.   And I will be available to answer any questions thru the e-mail chuppy@insidetradebook.com


I do not use TC2000 software.

The first few chapters are applicable to using any software as I talk about understanding market dynamics and then reading chart patterns, finding the right buy and sell area, and the signals for topping patterns and potential buy areas,  along with establishing price targets for the trade. After that I discuss indicators available on most softwares, their shortcomings, and when best to use them.


I am retired and looking to get extra income, what can I expect.   

This should help tremendously with achieving that goal.  There are a lot of “methods and systems” promoted for making extra income but they often do not give you the tools to actually trade. They want you to subscribe to their program at usually outrageous prices.  Teach yourself to become self reliant. You will see that without a lot of money you can supplement your lifestyle while minimizing risk.


Why is there no money back guarantee?

The material will give you the ability to independently trade successfully once you complete reading the book.  In order to avoid being taught and then seeking a refund, to be fair, if you feel it was a waste of your time and money,  I will donate your entire purchase amount to one of the charities listed.


Explain “trading like a bank”?  

Banks and giant institutions control price as they buy and sell incrementally at certain price points. They   have a specific method for their buying and selling. Learning where these points are on a chart will give and edge to your trading and have you buying and selling when they are, opposed to retail market participants who are on the wrong side of a trade.

I have been trading for years and have been successful.  What can I expect to gain from your book?

Congratulations on your success!  Learning something new about trading is a never ending process. Perhaps you will get a new idea about what indicators to use in a sideways market, or a better way for finding tops and bottoms, or how High Frequency Traders affect volume and price patterns.  The fact that you are considering this book tells me you are open to new ideas and perhaps are searching for something to enhance your already successful methods.


What if I still have questions after reading the material?

Trading is complex.  Unlike other sources, I will personally be available for questions thru the e-mail Chuppy@Insidetradebook.com,  In a continuing effort to assist in any way I can.  However, I will NOT be giving trade recommendations.