A subscriber asked “What is a squeeze”?

I will try to show what I mean by squeezes.  Bear with me here. Understand market actions are made up of buyers and sellers.  That is all.  Technical indicators are usually backward looking . TSV and BOP are the best I have found, although they are still made up of transactions that have been completed.  Anything you see on a chart, even 1 minute chart is completed and in essence old. So do not rely heavily on indicators, price patterns are most telling.

Understanding chart price action is pretty simple.  I use candles for several reasons.  Easy to interpret for one, and shows “intenet” of the price action.  Talis on candles indicate that buyers are stepping preventing a further drop and Wicks on candles show sellers or profit takers stepping in on up moves.
Looking to the left of the current day’s price action / candle on any chart will greatly help you with the concept.  You will see I put my target lines at the top of bigger black candles.  Why?  Those candles, be it days or weeks ago, indicate where there was an imbalance of buyers/sellers.  Sellers overwhelmed buyers, and price drops.  The bigger the drop, the more strength to the down move.  All of those trades are shorts, and are profitable to the holders.  As the drop continues, they are in a bigger profit.
Once you see price basing, with tails on the daily candles, it is an initial sign that a squeeze is forming.  Squeeze meaning that once price moves up (usually 2 days in a row, or candle over candle, those short sellers from the top of that long black candle, are now getting squeezed as their profit is shrinking, and they will have to buy a long position to cover their short.  That will add fuel to the price rise, and cause more of the sellers to get squeezed, until price rises to the top of the prior sell candles and equilibrium is attained.
Here is a current GDX chart.  The set up is forming.  Indicators are not confirming which i why i say use price to identify the pattern set up.  Targets are 30.74, then 32.92
HERE is IQ which had DP activity, rising TSV (Buying) vs RED BOP (selling) and money flow rising (Jan 20 report)
2 weeks to finalize but ideal indicator set up.  Rising TSV, Money against red bop (Buying vs sellers)  (see chart above for set up)