Tuesday AM

A subscriber asked “What is a squeeze”? I will try to show what I mean by squeezes.  Bear with me here. Understand market actions are made up of buyers and sellers.  That is all.  Technical indicators are usually backward looking . TSV and BOP are the best...

Tuesday late eve

McClellan only rose to -24 so plenty of room before overbought still below the mean] VXX above the mean and coming back in Should be an up day tomorrow  

Thursday PM

McClellan stretched too far from mean – expect reversal rally in mkts VXX also stretched the opposite way – raise stops or ring the register  

McClellan getting oversold and VXX at the mean now. Maybe 1 more day of downs ide left.

Friday AM

Markets been al happy happy but McClellan is getting up there so swatch for a pull back VXX at the mean so not stretched yet.

Monday Eve Jan 30

Some nice moves on recent picks DUST gearing up for more up 3.36% today IQ strong move with nice chart SCO another strong move up .78 with a nice chart also McClellan still not oversold with todays down move

Tuesday Jan 17

Anatomy of AMC trade Price is sideways, volume has dropped off, money is rising, (TSV also but only seen on TC2000). That is a darl pool foot print. Money flowing in without moving price. Price doubled since alert.

Hope you have been checking in here.  Rockin some nice swings this week., X, AMAN, AMC TGTX all popped nicely as planned.